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Apr 15, 2013 3:30pm PDT
would like to thank the leadership of supervisor zane kim and all the key players who contributessed to making pedestrian safety and the strategy plan happen. it is a long awaited plan that is urgently needed especially in d6. we want to see real enforcement and we ask the board to make sure the mayor's strategy to prioritize d6 which is soma is part of that, so we would like to enforce the key strategies where they're needed the most, so if the sf mta is going to extend crossing times for pedestrians at 160 places annually we want to know how many of those are going to d6 and when? how are we going to prioritize reengineering streets with traffic calming and pedestrian improvements around arterial schools like the tenderloin elementary and betty carmichael and hard to incorporate and if the sf mta is installing at one eighty four intersections by 2001. how can we get d6 prioritized? and again it's a great plan but we want to make it prioritizes soma and d6 and we're a neighborhood that is thought of -- [inaudible] instead of neighborhood that deserves to have public safety prio
Apr 15, 2013 9:00pm PDT
would like to thank supervisor zane kim and all the of the. >> >> supervisors that made the plan happen. it's urgently needed especially in district 6. we want to see real enforcement and make sure that the mayor's strategy prioritize district 6 which south of market is a part of. the intersection and corridors clearly points to a need to prioritize district 6 and save lives where infrastructure has continued to lag behind population growth. as you know district 6 especially south of market it has the highest -- the population growth was in our neighborhood so therefore the need for pedestrian safety really needs to happen. the soma south beach rincon hill and tenderloin neighborhood needs count downs and shorter crossing distances and prioritize the movement of people, and not cars. that means -- [inaudible] for traffic and pedestrians for foot traffic so again this is a great plan and we want to make sure it prioritize this area because entrance of five freeways and it's been really hard if you not only families but even for people like me to cross the street so imagine if
Apr 4, 2013 10:30am PDT
supportive now of the extensive outreach and supervisor zane kim who is supportive because of that i will willing to be supportive but open to ideas of continuing as well. supervisor yee. >> before i decide on that piece can i have alu come up again. can you -- what was the rational for disapproval in. >> well, let me say this. we're not against them or a spa that serve alcohol. there is the planning -- it's the type of license also -- it's a type 42 license is basically a beer and wine bar tavern, so that is the license so no minor under 21 is allowed to go into any area that is registered with abc. they have to register abc, the area they're going to serve, store alcohol, so no one under 21 is allowed. that's by state law, so i don't know the day we design their area where they will serve, where they will not serve, where under 21 is allowed, so it's sort of -- improvement plan we haven't received, and it's sort of sketchy at this point because basically if you grant a 42 type license and anybody under 21 is not allowed, and also they can serve alcohol anywhere within the diagr
Apr 15, 2013 1:30pm PDT
of the committee and joining shortly is supervisor zane kim the vice chair of the committee. i want to thank sfgtv for broadcasting today's hearing and staff and i would like to just start this hearing with a moment of silence for the victims of the bombing at the boston marathon so if we could just observe a moment of silence. okay thank you. so as i think you can see we have quite a packed agenda today and turn up of the public i think reflects that. we have an over flow room in 250 and i also want to note those that are here for item number six, the condominium conversion measure. that is the last item on the agenda, so if you're so inclined if in here come back so people hear for other agenda items are come in i invite you to do that but you don't have to. also for all items if you could fill out a blue card and which agenda item you would like to speak about and that will facilitate public comment and one title thing if you're here for hearing four which is a hearing i called on street furniture clutter it's my intent that item be continued to a later date given how packed the agenda is
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)